Wednesday, July 16, 2008

InfoPath Forms w/ Code-behinds in SP Workflows

Truly an amazing integration of vastly different products is that of InfoPath Forms, WF, and SharePoint (MOSS 2007 specifically). Whereas the tutorials and books I have read semi-sufficiently cover the process of publishing an InfoPath Form with no code-behind (no VS projects involved), they do not give extra steps necessary for Forms with code-behinds. I got my Form to work with the following two additional steps:
  1. Add a build script copying the Form's .dll to the Feature folder (i.e. the VS Workflow project folder if you're using VS 2008).
  2. Add the following to the Feature.xml file:

SO, I take it that, for all .dll's involved in the WF project, we must either:
  • deploy them to the GAC, or
  • add them to the Feature folder and reference them in the Feature.xml file, eh?

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